This is one of natures more perfect foods—high in anti-oxidants, tastes great, freezes well and kids love to pick and eat them! Roll clusters of berries gently between your fingers—the ripe ones w ill come off in your hands easily and leave the remainder to ripen. Blueberry season is about Mid-June through July.

Nothing beats the taste of a fresh blueberry, but they are wonderful frozen or canned too!  To pick blueberries, use your fingers to "roll" groups of them, the ripe ones will fall off in your hand (or on the ground if you are not careful!)  You'll be surprised how quickly a bucket will fill with this delicious, small fruit!  Blueberries will keep very well for many days in the fridge for fresh eating, and for many months when frozen for making breaks, pancakes & smoothies.  Frozen blueberries are an excellent treat on a hot day!!!


Wonderful for fresh eating, freezing or jams, jellies and wine, this Southern grape is easily picked.  Look for the grapes with less shine—they are the ripe ones. Ripe Muscadines may be black, red or speckled-bronze. Muscadine season starts around the end of August.

For those of you that don't know, A muscadine is a native Southern Grape.  They grow quite large and have a strong sweet taste.  If you have tried one, you'll agree that nothing else equals the burst of flavor you get when biting into a fresh muscadine.  Muscadines also make wonderful jellies and wines.  Picking them is quite easy, just reach up and grab one!  They do not grow in bunches like their grape-cousins, but they are very easy to pick.  Muscadines will keep and stay flavorful in the fridge for at least a couple of weeks.