Some of our produce from previous years!

About Us

GIN HOUSE BRANCH FARM completed the first planting of “Brightwell”, “Premier” and “TifBlue” Blueberries in February of 2002.  Since then, the farm has experimented with various berry crops such as Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, table and wine Grapes, and Muscadines as well as vegetable crops and tree fruits.

Since 2004, we have been exclusively a “Pick-Your-Own” farm which has worked very well for our customers.  We always try to keep the grounds well-mowed and easy for foot-traffic navigation.

We use underground drip irrigation when needed for the Blueberries and above ground drip irrigation for the Muscadines which has served us well in times of drought.  Our preference is to use only sustainable methods of crop production, but we are not certified organic.

Currently we are concentrating on our primary crops of Blueberries and Muscadine Grapes. These will probably be our only two crops for the 2017 season unless we have an abundance of vegetables or honey.