What do I bring?

Picking fresh berries is a fun activity for the whole family.  It's a great family-time outing on a nice farm and you have something good to eat when you get home!

Wear comfortable clothes, and a cool hat.  Some of these berries can stain clothes, so don't wear your Sunday best!  It wouldn't hurt to smear some suntan lotion on bare skin too (don't forget the back of your neck!)  Bottled water is always a good item to bring, or you are welcome to bring a picnic lunch and eat it on the farm. 

The best time to pick berries is in the morning.  It is usually cooler and the berries will usually taste better and last longer than if they are picked in the heat of the day.

At this time, we accept cash and checks (no credit cards yet).

Remember that this is a working farm – there are bugs, bees, wet spots, rough spots, and occasionally some equipment running around so be careful!  

If we are not at the sales building, use our “Honor-Pick” system from dawn to dusk – the instructions will be on the door.  Please park in the parking lot and do not drive in the field.

Thank you also for keeping the fields looking nice by not letting garbage get out of hand.

Have your friends sign up for our email list!!! I promise to only email you with updated information and will NEVER share my list with anyone! 

Thanks for your patronage and happy picking!!!

 -John & Pam