Well, 2020 has certainly shaped up to be very unique year so far! We hope everyone has been STAYING HEALTHY and will continue to do so.


The BLUEBERRY FIELD is NOW OPEN. We are open from dawn to dusk 7-days a week for honor-pick.


We are having to make some changes on the farm to try and keep exposure to a minimum, so the way you pick and purchase will be a little different this year.

· Stay AT LEAST 6 feet (about 2 arms' length) from other people

· Limit close contact with other outside your household in indoor and outdoor spaces

· If you are sick - stay home!

· Use ONLY the buckets you plan to purchase and take home


The berries are truly fantastic this year! Glad something good came out of 2020, so come out and fill your freezer.

The price this year is $14 per 5-qt NEW BUCKET. If you bring your bucket back next time you pick, the price is $12. PLEASE only take out the number of buckets that you plan to buy - no return on buckets.


Please use our buckets to measure your berries with since our pricing calibration is based on the size of our buckets only.


One other note: Under NO circumstances should you leave children unattended! Keep them with you at all times.


Happy pickin' and we look forward to seeing you down on the farm!


-John & Pam


NOTE: It is HOT! Pick early or late in the day and bring plenty of water! 

Hint: Picking early in the morning will get you sweeter berries. The sugars increase during the night and the berries will retain those sugars after you pick them.

One of our 5-quart buckets  weighs out at about seven and one-half (7.5) lbs. This is for a BUCKET not a SACK since a sack will hold almost two buckets.

For those of you that have not visited us for blueberries before, the blueberry field is to the north of the sales building, past the muscadine vineyard. The berries you pick should be a powder blue all the way to a deep blue. Feel free to taste!

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