It's finally MUSCADINE time again!


The MUSCADINE FIELD is OPENING TOMORROW, Sunday August 30, 2020. We are a little bit later than usual this year, but better late than never.


PLEASE NOTE: There are some vines mixed in with the Muscadines that ARE NOT MUSCADINES. These bad vines have very small berries that grow in clusters with smooth-edged leaves - DO NOT EAT THEM!  Muscadines are at least as large as table grapes and their leaves have scalloped edges.


Our price for Muscadines this year is the same as last year; $ 13.00 for one of our 5-quart buckets.  The cost of the bucket if you plan to take it with you is $2.00


PLEASE use OUR BUCKETS for measuring your berries. We have priced our crop based on our bucket size. The bags that we provide will hold almost two buckets, so if you choose to fill up a bag, please be advised that the berries should be measured BEFORE you fill up the bag. We hope to continue to provide good, fresh berries to everyone and you helping us with this little detail will help us continue to stay in business!


Please forward this email to your friends that may be interested in picking.  They can sign up for this list on our web site at http://www.ghbf.com

We look forward to seeing you down on the farm!

-John and Pam

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